I appreciate my students’ contributions from their laptops

I think this blog speaks well to the topic for this upcoming week, Attention and Distraction.

The Buttry Diary

My distracting laptop My distracting laptop

I’ve updated this post after discussing the issue with my class. 

I can think of no journalism professors I admire more than Clay Shirky and Jay Rosen. But I (so far) disagree with them on the subject of whether to allow students to use laptops and mobile devices during class.

Clay has explained in a blog post why he bans computers from his classroom. Jay chimed in his agreement:

They both have notably more classroom experience than I do, and they might be right. I encourage you to read Clay’s full explanation and won’t try to summarize it here, but he cites research about how multitasking can interfere with learning.

My limited experience is different. I was very…

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2 thoughts on “I appreciate my students’ contributions from their laptops

  1. This post brings an interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing! It seems like it would be hard to find the “sweet spot” between multitasking’s benefits and detriments. While laptops can be used to find relevant examples and promote additional micro-learning during a lecture, the “Laptops in the Classroom” research we read showed that even on-task multitasking can hinder recall of the lecture information. It seems that you would need to have a good awareness of your limitations when deciding whether multitasking on your laptop would help or hinder your learning experience.


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