I received an email the other day letting me know that someone from Purdue University had viewed my profile on LinkedIn.  This came as a bit of a shock, seeing as how I created that profile eons ago and haven’t been back to the site since.  As I was younger and considerably less wise than the ensuing years have made me, I’m a little concerned (read: terrified) to go back to the site and see what Early 20’s Kellin had to say for herself…

The first thing I learned was that a younger version of myself didn’t have anything to say on LinkedIn — to my utter confusion, I only created my profile in March of this year.  So now I’m wondering, what profile did I create years ago that I thought was LinkedIn???


Ahem, moving right along…

My profile wasn’t as bad as I had feared.  I had no personal information whatsoever listed, not even a picture of myself.  I did, however, have a few endorsements from a couple of friends — and these were actually good, useful skills instead of the “Kellin can wiggle her ears” type of things I would not have been surprised to see (I have awesome, hilarious friends).  Although I really can wiggle my ears, this is not something prospective colleagues and employers need to learn about me right away.  There is something to be said for intrigue, after all.

olds intrigue

Huh. Who knew Intrigue is an Oldsmobile? The things Google teaches you.

That being said, there is a LOT of information to fill out for a LinkedIn profile.  There’s even a place to upload a resume.  And although LinkedIn is a social media site, the way you portray yourself is more important than how you come across on Facebook or Twitter (though maintaining a more mature and responsible image on any form of social media is a good idea).  Therefore, this is going to take some time and thought…

So far, I have a profile picture.


4 thoughts on “Un-linked

  1. LOL that is pretty funny. I overhauled my LinkedIn profile soon after I the first week’s readings in this class. But I dread to see what is still left of my MySpace profile… or heaven forbid… is geocities still in existence?


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