: autumn or fall? :

This blog sums up my feelings quite nicely on the upcoming winter — my first in Indiana.

the whirly girl

Neither. I call this the pre-party to Hell freezing over: winter in Illinois.

In polite company, though, I generally use fall; I find it’s more descriptive. I mean, the temperatures fall, the leaves fall, the light falls, and my spirits, oy, they don’t fall so much as plummet. They rain down like space junk — aaaaaaaaaaahsplat.

Poets and lyricists, however, they prefer autumn. It sounds more romantic, more poetic than plain, old fall. But what, I ask, is romantic about a season defined as “a period of maturity verging on decline” by the American Heritage Dictionary (Fourth Edition)? That sounds more like a sell-by-date than something belonging in verse.

Autumn, I’m sure, would be more popular if it was followed by the delight that is spring. You know, if nature’s cycle went spring, summer, fall, and then right back to spring again. But where’s winter, you wonder? The Arctic Circle…

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4 thoughts on “: autumn or fall? :

  1. Last year was my first real winter, and it was eye-opening. (I am used to wearing short sleeves up until mid-November.) You’re in for a treat* if the winter this year is as bad as last years’ weather!
    *heavy sarcasm


  2. Coming from Alaska, you can imagine how much I laughed at your post. We have a beautiful fall there as well, though it is much colder and wetter. Being a child of the Arctic Circle, I am a fan of the winter. There are few of us, however, which is why our state population is so small. I do like the thought of the fall being a pre-party to winter, but I must recommend that if you ever visit Alaska – come in June 🙂


    • As I was reblogging that post, I knew you would get a kick out of my dread of the upcoming winter. 🙂 The thing is, I LOVE snow…but I’ve never had to worry about actually having to do things when it snowed; I just got to play in it. In Tuscaloosa, on the rare occasion that it snows, everything shuts down and nobody goes anywhere. Classes are cancelled, the stores run out of milk and bread days before the expected “Winter Storm Event,” etc. Mind you, this is for less than an inch of snow. So yes, I will not be driving anywhere once the white stuff begins to stick. O.o


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