“Life Behind the Filter”

I saw this article on another blog and thought it raised a very interesting point about how some of us edit out the saddest parts of our lives from social media, which in turn, can cause feelings of loneliness and falsity.  When we only share the happy parts of our lives with our Facebook friends, then we may grow to resent the implications of receiving Facebook “likes” on the content we do choose to share (e.g., “Oh they like my status and think I’m doing well, but if they only knew what was really going on…”).  The Elle article also speaks well to our first topic in Social Internet class, namely how we construct our online “self,” and the author suggests mixing in a “little more grey” for our digital selves in order to strike a better balance.


3 thoughts on ““Life Behind the Filter”

  1. I loved your point (but you may want to check, the link to the other blog is not working for me)! People seem to only have happy moments in their lives (because they only post the happy ones on social media) and if we are just sitting in front of the screen and believing what we see were what happened, we will all be depressed. Do you have a moment that you think “My friend went to Tahiti for their wedding? All of my high school classmates are enjoying their lives with kids and I am still in graduate school? Everyone around me seems to be happy! Why my life is like this???” So, I totally appreciate your point! Now I know I am not alone! 🙂


    • While I have never really looked at Facebook and been envious of my friends and/or family, that likely has more to do with the fact that I know a lot of people who just like to complain, apparently. lol. But I could definitely see how people create this happy facade on Facebook, making it seem as though their life was perfect when it was really falling apart. In a way, I can also see Facebook as being a bit of reprieve from the more unfortunate events of everyday life — the “if I act happy, maybe I’ll BE happy” kind of thinking.

      And I don’t know what’s going on with the link, unless the original blogger deleted the post. =/

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