A New Year, A New Semester…A New Blog?

Bama Boilermaker is undergoing an overhaul. I created this blog last semester as part of a class requirement. However, there was a stipulation that we write Class Reflections and other various posts related to academia in general and social media in particular. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am so grateful for the push I needed to create something I’d been wanting to do for a while; as a result, I want to keep updating and posting.

But, I know myself. I already produce so much academic writing in class (ahh, the life of a grad student) that I want to write something a little more free-flowing and informal outside of coursework. Otherwise, it starts to feel like a chore — just one of the many I already have on my to-do list. Just because I can write and have written a publishable, peer-reviewed manuscript on more than one occasion, that doesn’t mean I can’t also have a lengthy discussion about the merits of my favorite type of peanut butter (of which I may or may not have just bought 4 jars because I ran out and running out is NOT an option). Furthermore, in the past year, I have experienced more firsts than a one-year-old baby, and I would like to share some of these experiences for those of you who are interested enough to read it.

For a brief time, I considered creating a completely new blog — but I’m still rather partial to this one. Instead, I’m just going to move some things around and create some new categories. Consider it a blog version of Spring cleaning. I won’t delete previous posts (probably), but new posts will focus more on perspective than discussing research articles.

So, with that, welcome to Bama Boilermaker 2.0!


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