Stop and Consider

Such inspirational words. People, be aware and courteous to those around you! Don’t take anyone for granted.

A Want to Wander

How often do we walk around with tunnel vision? Not really paying attention to people, places or things around us. How often do we brush past people that we think has nothing to contribute to our day?  I struggle quite often with how much I matter. And to be honest I don’t really grasp it until someone belittles me in some way. Then the Queen of the Hill rears her big head and roars!  Point being.. situations like that shouldn’t have to be. Yes I should have a better sense of self worth. Got that on my to-do list. But, people matter. All people matter.  Try getting across town without that bus driver you just sneered at. She may only be a bus driver to you but she is someones mother that just had to put them in a daycare she can’t afford and walk to work in this monsoon…

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